Pressure Control / Pressure Switch HONEYWELL L404F-1102

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Specification of Pressure Control / Pressure Switch HONEYWELL L404F-1102

PT. Momentous provides a wide range of industrial instrumentation tools such as pressure and temperature.

Momentous Instrumindo is a supplier of industrial measuring devices, especially pressure gauges and temperature gauges. 

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Pressure Control HONEYWELL L404F-1102

The Honeywell L404F1102 Pressuretrol Controller, comes with Auto recycle, 10 psi to 150 psi. This control provides operating control with automatic limit protection for pressure systems up to 300 psi (2068 kPa).



The L404F1102 is to be used with steam, air, noncombustible gases, or fluids non-corrosive to pressure sensing elements. Models have snap-acting switching to open or close a circuit on pressure rise and adjustable differentials. Adjustments are made by screws on top of the case. Mount using 1/4 inch -18 NPT internal pipe threads or surface mount through base of case. Ground screw terminal.

Product Specifications :

Application : Provide control of steam, air, non-combustible gases or non-corrosive fluids

Operating Range (psi) : 10 to 150 psi

Operating Range (kPa) : 69 to 1034 kPa

Mounting : 1/4 in NPT internal thread or surface mount through back of case

Switch Operation : Auto recycle

Switching Action : SPDT Snap action, make R-W, break R-B on pressure rise

Sensor Element : Stainless Steel diaphragm Pipe Connections, Main or High Pressure : 1/4 in NPT internal thread Dimensions (in) : 4-31/32 in high x 4-1/2 in wide x 2-3/4 in deep Dimensions (mm) : 126 mm high x 114 mm wide x 70 mm deep Switch Contact Ratings : (120 Vac) 80 AFL, 480 ALR, 100 A resistive Switch Contact Ratings : (240 Vac) 51 AFL, 306 ALR, 50 A resistive Maximum Sustained Operating Pressure(psi) : 225 psi Maximum Sustained Operating Pressure (kPa) : 1551 kPa Pressure Differential (psi) : 10 to 22 psi Pressure Differential (kPa) : 60 to 152 kPa Differential Type : Subtractive Temperature Range (F) : -35 F to +150 F Temperature Range (C) : -37 C to +66 C

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