HAWK Centurion Dual Pulse Guided Radar Level Measurement
HAWK Centurion Dual Pulse Guided Radar Level Measurement
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28 Apr 2021
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Specification of HAWK Centurion Dual Pulse Guided Radar Level Measurement

PT. Momentous provides a wide range of industrial instrumentation tools such as pressure and temperature.

HAWK Centurion Dual Pulse Guided Radar

The HAWK range of Guided Radar products, the ideal interface for inverted, interface and liquid height measurements up to a distance of 1.5m. This technology is not affected by pressure, temperature, viscosity, vacuum, foam, dust, changes in dielectric constant or coating of the probe.

Guided-wave technology sends down radar signals to measure liquids or solids. The surface is pulsed and is reflected back by the probe to the sensor, where the transit time is translated into the distance through the collision time and expansion time. The intensity of reflection depends on the dielectric constant of the product.

The patent solution of the unique dual probe HAWK uses a specially developed signal mapping technique. The HAWK hardware and software interface provides accurate and accurate results for the level interface.

Main Application Area

• Gas oil:

> Lease Transfer Automatic Deposit

> Separation Ships

> Basic Sediments

> Air

• Seam Gas Coal

• Liquid Natural Gas

• Upstream - Well, Separator, Air treatment

• Gathering - Interconnection of pipelines, Compressor Stations

• Downstream - LNG Compressor Train


• Measurement of Multiple Interfaces

• IECEx Ex i / d [i Ga] IIC T6 Ga / Gb Tamb 60 ° C

• IECEx Ex he tb [he Da] IIIC T85C Da Db Tamb 60 ° C

• Range up to 1.5 m

• Simple settings

• Automatic calibration to dielectric 1.6

• Adjustable Sensitivity

• Proper measurement & improvement

• 2 wire loops

• 4-20mA

• IP66 Protection Class

• Measuring very low dielectric (1.6)

• Programmable fail safe mode

*NOTE: Prices listed are subject to change not the actual price and prices can change at any time

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