WIKA Pressure gauge 232.50.100

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of WIKA Pressure gauge 232.50.100

Barometer Alat Ukur Tekanan Udara WIKA type 232.50

Gauges (Gauge air pressure) WIKA type 232.50 has a size of circumference of a large down payment, thus allowing for the distance that can be seen from quite a distance. Stainless stell parts are wet and rare construction ensures a long time to use on the job. This equipment is used for production and exploration of oil and chemical goods, plant tenagam and other work requiring long lasting equipment.

Deployment/strong >


-Frame filled with fluid, then this tool can be used for the measurement of pulsation or vibration of high dynamic pressure.
-Suitable for corrosive environments and with gas or liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system.
-Industrial processes, such as: chemical or petrochemical, energy, mining stations either offshore or near to the beach, environmental technology, industrial mechanics and plant construction.



Nominal Size: 2-1/2 ", 4 ' 6"
Framework materials: stainless steel 304
Water filled parts: 316 SS
-The type and material: glass window safety
-Removable Window: there, kind of twist-off bayonet
-Material: aluminium white face ring
-The type and material of the ring Bezel: this type of twist-on the bayonet ring-SS
-Can be filled with liquid: Yes
The O-ring materials in order to: no, need to be welded
Materials dan O-ring Gasket type "other": window gaskets, BUNA-N
-Material/type Needle pointer: aluminium black
-The needle pointer can be set: Yes
-Accuracy: (2 1/2 ") +/-2 1/2% ASME B 40.100 Level A; (4) 1% ASME B 40.100 Level 1A
Connection locations: LM (lower mount) = 2 1/2 ", 4" & CBM (center back mount) = 2 1/2 ", LBM (lower back mount = 4" (2 1/2 "special order)
-Media operation temperature: Max 212 O F
-Ambient operating temperature:-40 ° F to 140 O Fto dry; -4 O F to 140 O F for charging order with Glycerin; -4O F to 140 O F for charging order to 140 O F.


The Options Available

-Movements that can be reduced
Windows with glass that is safe
-The needle pointer (indicator of maximum readers)
-Service of cleaning with oxygen
-Contact Switch using magnetic and inductive method
-Special Connection



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