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Temperature Gauge TECHCROFT HTC
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Temperature Gauge TECHCROFT HTC 

HTC Series is a gas expansion thermometer, with all stainless steel construction and wetted part. With high temperature measurement up to 650?C, suitable for corrosive environment in chemical industrial, processing, machinery, piping, building construction and various industries. Liquid fillable for extreme vibration application. HTC Series area designed mostly pipe and tank application, where corrosive and remote function is concern.


Accuracy Class 1.6
Gas filled measurement system
All stainless steel material design
Armored protection capillary with swivel ring
Temperature range up to 650˚C (1200˚F)
Sliding connection/Compression fitting standard
Standard dial dual unit ranges (˚F & ˚C)
Sensor diameter 8 (standard), 10 or 12 mm
Optional liquid filled for vibration application


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