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Pressure Transmitter TECHCROFT GPD-351
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Specification of

TECHCROFT GPD-351 Pressure Transmitter

When G351DP/GP pressure transmitter installed with 1199 teletransmission sealing device, It will become G3151DP/GP teletransmission pressure transmitter.

G351DP/GP teletransmission differential pressure transmitter or pressure transmitter offers a measuring methods that can avoid medium directly contacting isolation diaphragm, it can be applied in several conditions as below:

1. When measuring medium has corrosion effects on transmitter joint and pressure transmitter

2. When high temp. medium must be separated with transmitter

3. When there are suspended solid or high viscosity object in the measurement medium that can block transmitter joint.

4. When medium solidified or crystallized because of change of environment temperature

5. it needs to be washed without mixing when medium changed.

6. Must keep the sanitary condition.

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