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Pressure Gauge  TECHCROFT GCH Series
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IDR 1.00

Specification of

TECHCROFT GCH Series Pressure Gauge

Dial nominal size

40,50,63,100,160,200,250 mm (1.5",2",2.5",4",6",8",10")

Scale Range

0…1 to 0…600 Bar, Vacuum to 24 Bar

Process connection size

1/8"(40mm), 1/4"NPT/BSP(50,63mm), 1/2"NPT/BSP

Operating ambient temperature

-10 to 70 Deg.C

Operating medium temperature

Up to +70 Deg.C

Material case

Black Steel or Chrome Steel

Accuracy Class

1.6%, 2.5% of span

Connection locator


Liquid Filling Options


Material wetted parts/connection

Cu-Alloy/Brass or Chrome Steel

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