Pressure Gauge Wika 232.50
Pressure Gauge Wika 232.50
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18 Aug 2020
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Pressure Gauge

Specification of Pressure Gauge Wika 232.50

Pressure Gauge Wika 232.50

Pressure Gauge WIKA type 232.50 has a circumference large advance, thus allowing it to be seen from a considerable distance. Stainless steel parts are wet and rare construction ensures a long useful life of the use of the heavy work. This equipment is used for the exploration and production of oil and chemical goods, plants and other operation tenagam that require durable equipment.

With the frame filled with liquid, then these tools can be used for the measurement of dynamic pressure pulses or vibrations high.

Suitable for corrosive environments and with gas or liquid media that will not hamper the system pressure.

Industrial processes, such as chemical or petrochemical, energy stations, mining, either offshore or near shore, environmental technology, mechanical and plant construction industries.

Nominal sizes: 2 1/2 ", 4", 6 "
The framework material: stainless steel 304
The portions were filled with water: 316 SS
And the type of window material: safety glass
The windows are removable: No, twist-off type bayonet
Material front ring: white aluminum
Bezel ring type and material: the type of twist-on bayonet ring-SS
Can be filled with liquid: yes
Material O-ring order to sockets: no, need to be welded
Materials and type O-ring gasket "other": window gaskets, BUNA-N
Material / type of needle pointer: black aluminum
The needle can be set: yes
Accuracy: (2 1/2 ") +/- 2 1/2% ASME B40.100 Level A; (4 ") 1% ASME B40.100 Level 1A
Connection Location: LM (lower mount) = 2 1/2 ", and 4" CBM (center back mount) = 2 1/2 ", LBM (lower back mount = 4" (2 1/2 "special order)
Media Operating temperature: Max 212 O F
Operating ambient temperature: -40O F to 140 o F to dry; -4 O F to 140 o F for filling the frame with glycerin; -4O F to 140 o F for charging order up to 140 o F.

The movement can be reduced
Glass window with a safe
Pointer (indicator maximum reader)
Cleaning Services with oxygen
The switch contact by using magnetic and inductive
special connection

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