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Pressure Gauge Ashcroft 1279
Pressure Gauge Ashcroft 1279
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Last Updated
28 Dec 2020
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United States
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Specification of Pressure Gauge Ashcroft 1279

For laymen with engineering, the term pressure gauge could be a very strange term in their ears. Pressure gauge itself is a tool that can be used as a marker of the amount of fulid pressure contained in a process or piping tool. Many people who take the position as supervisor or checking officer use pressure gauge while doing research on the work of industrial tools. Pressure gauge can monitor whether the equipment can work in accordance with its capacity or whether the temperature required in the work process is appropriate or not.The advantages of pressure gauge is this tool is also equipped with minimum and maximum limits. This is of course very helpful to the operator in monitoring the size of the operating pressure is still in a normal state or even in abnormal conditions because it exceeds these limits.Many examples of the use of this pressure gauge. This is due to the wide scope of industry that uses this tool, for example in industries such as petroleum, semiconductor, biotechnology, HVAC, or even industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals. As an example of its use in the food processing industry, this pressure gauge can be very useful in terms of measuring suitable pressure so that the food can be processed to be more durable. In the pharmaceutical industry, this pressure gauge can also be used in sanitary or fluid application processes. A considerable range of usage exists in the field of the oil refinery industry, where pressure gauges can be of great help in measuring variations in regional temperatures, or in cases such as corrosive media, corrosive atmosphere, vibration, and pulse pressure.Examples of its specifications:Pressure gauge ASHCROFTModel: 45-1279SS-04L
Dial size: 4.5 "
Conn size: 1/2 "MNPT lower mount (bottom)
Material: case: black phenolic
                Conn: stainless steel
range: 0 - 200 psi

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