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Gas Alert Micro 5 IR
Gas Alert Micro 5 IR
Gas Alert Micro 5 IR
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22 Nov 2018
United States
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Gas Alert Micro 5 IR BW by Honeywell
Gas Detector is a tool used to detect (know) the existence of gas. Generally, these tools are used in places where gas leaks are prone, eg in factories, mining sites, and oil refineries.
In the context of preventing the adverse effects of gas leakage, gas detectors can function in two ways. First, the gas detector is installed connected to the control system so that certain machines or devices stop automatically functioning immediately after the gas detector detects the occurrence of gas leakage. Second, the gas detector can also give a warning sign in the form of alarm sounds or lights that light up when the gas leak occurs so that people in the area get a warning to immediately save themselves.
Gas detectors are important because many toxic chemical gases may be fused with air and harm human safety, especially where chemicals are exposed. Gas detectors can be used to detect at least three things: flammable gases, toxic gases, and oxygen depletion.
Examples of gases or vapors in the air are measured:
1. Hydrocarbons.
2. Carbon monoxide (CO),
3. Carbon dioxide (C02),
4. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), and
5. Oxygen (02).
The right gas detector selection is:
1. Appropriate material to be measured,
2. Effective and efficient,
3. High level of accuracy.
4. Easy to operate,
5. Easy to calibrate, and
6. Spare parts easily in the can.
Type Gas Detector consists of:
1. Combutible 1 Flammable Gas Detector (Rxplosimeter)
2. Toxic Gas Detector
3. Oxygen Analyzer
4 CombInation Gas Detector
Flammable Gas Detector
1. Flash Point. is the minimum temperature and a liquid that forms a combustible mixture. The existence of a source of fire will occur instantaneous ignition
2. Auto Ignition Temperature, is the minimum temperature of a material can burn without fire source.
Flammability Range
1. Explosive Limit (Flammability Range). is the concentration of airborne vapor in which fire may occur in the presence of a fire source
2 Lower Explosive Limit (LEL), is the vapor concentration in the air required for the required to make a fire
3. Upper Exploswe Limit (UEL). is the maximum concentration of vapor in the air can burn. Above the maximum fire concentration will be extinguished.
Explosimeter (Combustible / Flammable Gas Detector)
A device used to detect and measure the content of a gas or vapor of a substance which is lightly flammable in air. consists of :
1. Portable system.
2. Fixedsystem.
Gas Detector



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