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Pressure Measurement Device

Distributor of pressure measuring devices | pressure gaugeA pressure gauge or also known as a pressure gauge is a type of instrument that is widely used in various industrial applications. This tool is able to measure fluid pressure (gas or liquid) in a closed tube. The units of this pressure gauge are psi (pound per square inch), psf (pound per square foot), mmHg (millimeter of mercury), inHg (inch of mercury), bar, or atm (atmosphere).We sell various kind of pressure measurement instruments with competitive price and accessories with competitive price:Jual Pressure gaugeJual Digital Pressure GaugeJual Pressure TransmitterJual Pressure Switch GaugeJual Pressure SwitchJual Pressure Test GaugeJual Pressure Gauge Accessories.Jual Diaphragm Seal, Syphon, Gliserin
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